Family Adventure Travel Holidays On Croatia's Istrian Peninsula

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How can researching a property of hilltop villages, beachfront hotels, fantastic experience and busy family vacationing sound? It’s all very doable on the Istrian Peninsula, formerly part of Italy and now the jewel of Croatia’s west shore. Indeed, the juxtaposition of all Italian-influenced coastal hotels and Ferienhaus in Kroatien is perhaps Istria’s most compelling feature. Both teams were preceded by Illyrian tribes and dominated throughout by Romans, Byzantium, both Venetians and Austrians. But, Italian influence prevails throughout the area.

Each single day is a new experience outside on the Istrian peninsula. Be it busy exploration of hilltop villages, water experiences of each kind on the shore, agrotourism on its own olive oil farms, wine street and truffle forests, you proceed at your own relaxed speed, absorbing the region ‘s Mediterranean Tuscan-like allure.


Elegant Opatija lies in the middle of the Istrian Riviera, its lush green scenery, hot seas and gentle climate supply a relaxing feeling in harmony with nature., while its own flow of foreign visitors supply the delight. The Benedictine Abbey established in 1420, about which the city settled, lends its name to Opatija, meaning abbey. The backdrop of this town, Mt. Ucka supplies some fantastic hiking trails, and a perspective from the mountain top is excellent. Researching the little fishing villages in the region also make for great experience.

The comparison of lush gardens and an azure sea, vibrant entertainment places and silent natural settings for trips, water sports and land activities galore all unite to create Opatija a very attractive Croatian destination.


Even the 14thcentury fortified town of Motovun, constructed by the Venetians, as was a lot of Istria, sits atop a mountain overlooking vineyards and olive oil farms. That can be an area to experience agrotourism in its very best. Quaint doesn’t even start to describe the hills and hilltop villages, to the atmosphere of purple-mauve heavens, which give an unforgettable scene of the sinking sun. Founded in conventional stone buildings, food increased in which you’re remaining, local olive oil and wine, along with the joy of relaxed conversation with tourists and locals around a rock fireplace following dinners works its magic, creating a feeling of deep inner peace. Hiking and biking trails abound here and also the driveway to the local sea is brief.