Hawaii Vacations: Great Adventures

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Here are some Hawaiian vacation pursuits which are bound to generate great memories for a life time.

What: Hawaii Snorkeling

Where: Ohahu – Waikiki Beach

Who: Paradise Cruises

Description: In case you’d really like for getting up personal and close with gorgeous exotic fish, then a Hanauma bay snorkeling cruise is something you can’t miss. You will climb onboard The Starlet and head out to the Kewalo Reef, with the renowned Diamond Head as the backdrop of yours. The fish had been hand fed, therefore they are plenty friendly. This’s a very good excursion if you’re a snorkeling novice. Some other activities include windsurfing, kayaking, a floating trampoline, and a water slide. Relax on deck while sunbathing. A BBQ lunch is provided.

What: Hawaii Luau

Where: Ohahu

Who: Germaines Luau

Description: Imagine being a guest at a grand Hawaiian luau. As you sit comfortably amongst new friends and old, you watch the royal procession enter with fanfare, and experience the imu ceremony–see a roasted pig raised up from the soil. Next you dine on traditional Hawaiian dishes like poi and haupia, as well as, Mainland favorites like chicken which is fried and tossed salad. After your scrumptious meal you take it easy and enjoy the wonderful Polynesian entertainers featuring dancers from Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji and Samoa. Many consider this the very best luau in almost all of Hawaii.

What: Swim with the Dolphins

Where: Ohahu

Who: Dolphin Excursions

Description: You’ve fantasized about it. Now it is time to accomplish it. You will be removed on a boat with approximately twenty or perhaps so various other dolphin lovers off of Ohahu’s western shore. There you will see lots of spinner dolphins frolicking in the early morning seas. You will be given expert snorkeling instruction thus even beginners can slip into the water and swim amongst the sea’s friendliest inhabitants. As a bonus, you might get to see whales, sea turtles as well as other unusual sea life.